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Atomic Motor - About This Blog

Some History and Goals of this Blog
Caution: This is a long one. If you sincerely have the time to read this ..continue on.

One of the primary aims of the Atomic Motor (and YouTube virtual video site), which haven't changed much since its early inception in July 2004 is to educate by connecting the user (that's you) to various links and resources outside the 'norm' of the cold fusion field and to show that the subject of cold fusion science can indeed be pushed beyond the boundaries of the technical by inspiring alternative energy thinking with the fusion of culture, science and media.

Another reason I have blogged since 2004 is because of some of the ethical issues in the reporting of this field that have bothered me, namely public safety issues and related concerns that were being blatantly ignored not only by government, but by the cold fusion field itself in its efforts to gain more visibility on an open internet. Hence, I continue to blog as an 'independent voice' to raise awareness, and will continue to do so as needed. I have seen some changes since 2004, so perhaps this small voice has helped in that regard. But in any case, consider this blog just one man trying to make a difference and voicing a humble opinion like millions of other blogs. I'll try to provide links to interesting science content and other items of possible interest. In any case, I'm just one small voice trying to make a difference and I can sure use your help.

The field of cold fusion science is indeed a paradox. With its ups and downs over the last nineteen years, it shows promise to many scientists who follow it closely, however for a variety of reasons, today's media is ultra sensitive in dealing directly with the subject (or related nuclear subjects) because of the field's child birth via an ill equipped maternity team, and parents ill prepared for child rearing and the required societal disciplines. As a result of the free-flowing chaos that followed, many in mainstream media and the general science community have since underrated its potential to change the energy landscape and this has impacted its funding. From my personal studies of the field reading literature, speaking to members of the field over the years and seeing things first hand in some respects, I have concluded that there is now no single individual who can proclaim "cold fusion is real !!" once again, running through the streets like Archimedes crying Eureka!, to convince a doubting public after many years of controversy and skepticism have passed. No matter how much new evidence is presented, there will forever be doubters. Period. Get over it ! As any psychologist will tell you, initial impressions, like those from 1989 have changed the field forever. Perhaps politicians or celebrities can help gently educate the public, but this situation most likely will not change for quite some time, in my opinion. [ I have seen some interesting new ways to educate lately. Thank you, I no longer feel alone !]

As a smart person once remarked to me, "perhaps educating about cold fusion is now best done in a person to person basis." I tend to agree.
Considering the world's insatiable demand for energy, there may never be a more pressing time to explore the potential of this field than today, which requires broad public support in some regards to fund new areas of science related to the subject of condensed matter physics, yet requires delicate dancing around some technology issues in my opinion with new ideas in how to bring it forward and "pay it forward" to help it emerge. A slow process indeed. Please - don't delude yourself into thinking otherwise in my opinion. There are smart ways to do this using technology, but I anticipate this field to always be challenged as any technology can often be, while educating the public on emerging science and technology issues. I certainly hope I'm 100% wrong on this point.

Those in mainstream science with a better grasp of quantum mechanics and nuclear physics have perhaps become much more aware the past nineteen years, but today a large portion of the diverse scientific community still seems to paradoxically lack the ability to look at the evolving forest of evidence rather than a specific tree (so to speak). Perhaps what is needed is the political will to bravely step forward (a complex process), safely investigate and help educate the public, despite the ticking clock of environmental consequences from fossil fuels on our world - clearly evident today. If cold fusion science is properly funded and advancements stay the course, it does hold promise to provide a clean source of energy for all someday as we safely manage via education.
Musical Inspiration Can Help
It's amazing how energetic and uplifting music can inspire creativity in society and even teach a bit of science and cold fusion history sometimes. The titles and musicians mentioned on this site via Amazon, Yahoo, MSN, iTunes and YouTube media links have been inspiring to cold fusion researchers and even bloggers like myself by bringing a little needed radiated sunshine, energy, a spark of creativity, a flash of inspiration, some elemental humor, steam, electricity, condensation and even some needed light, which to me seems to also help with some needed pressure relief ! Some song lyrics are even "prophetic" with respect to how this field has been treated over the years, like Creedence Clear Water revival's "Who'll Stop The Rain" (and several others). Long before this field even splashed upon the world as 'cold fusion' in 1989, eerily familiar songs painted a new picture that was emerging and are as vibrant today as back then (note: perhaps mankind tends to repeat patterns of behavior?).

If you know anything of the history of the cold fusion/hot fusion controversy and you listen closely, the words "confusion" cleverly changed to "cold fusion" in CCR's song say a lot in educating in my opinion. To this blogger, realizing these classic songs can come alive again lyrically was my "NaNoWriMo" realization of the potential of music to help educate in new ways. Music has the capability to communicate one to one. When I first stumbled upon this, my eyes were opened in new ways. Humorously, I think the one eye symbolized in my blog tends to be in a fixed stare towards the future - with one eye open, and another closed for privacy reasons as I'm sure everyone would agree as the evolving web becomes more powerful (a polite analogy).

I hope that new and established musicians, film producers, actors and authors will be similarly moved to help educate about energy alternatives (including cold fusion) and the environment through video and music. One video, song or book can often times make a significant difference in communicating a message or point of view in a viral sort of way that others may not see in today's media saturated society as those who follow this field are often scattered around the globe. If you have a book, song, video or link (even in a foreign language) that you would like listed as I build this content, please send me an email or post it to popular video sites such as YouTube or Yahoo. You can also point me to your favorites on music download sites like iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody or Yahoo Music Jukebox. I can't promise I'll link to them all in my spare time, but I'll sure try. Thanks to friends, acquaintences and anonymous (an kind hearted) artists, magazine writers (yes, I do see your hints from time to time) who have sent along links and recommendations to brighten a darkened day at times of this unappreciated blogger. May your songs
, musical experiments, videos and public education continue to help in inspiring others to help carry the torch towards energy independence from fossil fuels. The future is forward - not in the past.

[Update: May 2008] Recently I stumbled upon this 2006 video called "Assessment." A song by the Beta Band (another strange coincidence?) on YouTube that is not exactly the kind of torch I was speaking about in the paragraph above written in 2006!! Namely, using the symbolism of war to bring ideas forward. My goals/opinions expressed here in this blog and elsewhere for anyone that knows me have always been to express non-violent ways to bring forward ideas and concepts in helping to educate the public.
I'm sure the videographers of this EMI video might have had their own points of view on this subject along with their collaborators, and I respect their opinions.

Staying Current on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (aka "Cold Fusion")
For those interested in staying current on science research going on in the field of condensed matter physics, studying the science reports and papers being published on the web is a good way to learn about cold fusion (LENR / CMNS). There are many brave souls world wide who publish regularly despite the rejection of major science journals to anything on the subject (a sad state of affairs indeed, but this appears to be changing as I write this update in March-April 2007). Major conferences tend to be held twice per year and announced on the internet. Consult side links on this site for good sources of information in the LENR / CMNS community for these conferences as they are announced here within the US and worldwide.

Another way to participate in spreading the word is to become a member of other societies and organizations such as IEEE, SPIE, ANS, ASME, ACS, etc and attend their conferences and discussions and help present technical papers. There is a wealth of information out there and all technical trends to this blogger seem to indicate LENR and CMNS will impact these organizations (if they haven't already) as more experimenters and researchers fully grasp the significance of this branch of condensed matter science.

[update June 2010 : added " and YouTube virtual video site" to top paragraph]

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